About BCC

Let me tell you a bit about Butte (not butt) Climbing Company. We are serious people. So this is a serious About Us page. Please enjoy.

We at Butte Climbing Company are ordinary climbers, with a passion for business, design, and creating quality products.

In early high school we got into climbing and from the start we were hooked! Many hours were spent working routes at the local gym in the evenings after school. Wanting to train for climbing outdoors, we took a day to hike and “harvest rocks” to build a hangboard of real granite holds. This granite hold hangboard would became Prototype #1 for what was about to become Butte Climbing Company.

For the name we drew inspiration from an area in the Sierra Nevada Mountains called the Sierra Buttes where we camp, climb, hangout, and ponder the stars.

Since our early days our product line has undergone many changes. The biggest transition was from granite holds to wooden ones, and we have since specialized in wooden hangboards and training equipment.

Butte Climbing Company is a project that allows us to learn, create, and engage with the climbing community. All the while working in an industry that is close to us.

The love for climbing, adventure, and building things is what Butte Climbing Company is built off of.